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Welcome to satsang today. Let us take this wonderful opportunity to let go of all the stresses of the day and become completely relaxed as we allow the spirit within us to become the leader. It is so easy to bring worldly thoughts into this atmosphere as the mind has been so involved in such thinking all day. Let us be different now. Let us allow the highest part of us to express itself. It is natural to do this in this kind of supporting atmosphere. Let us express the love, peace and joy of the spirit in all that we think, say and do this evening. Let us help to uplift each other. This is the spirit of satsang.

Managing emotions

Emotions can be very powerful. On one hand, they can lead us to the highest level of sensual excitement and joyful experience of spiritual bliss. On the other, they can lead us to the madness of intense anger, the bitter feelings of deep hatred and the suicidal feelings of extreme despair. Such is the human experience.

Mantra and meditation

In meditation the fluctuating and restless mind is always a great challenge. Learning to use a mantra can be very effective in helping us to deal with this condition. Though it may seem simple it can be very powerful. A mantra is a tool we use to develop our concentration and to tap into our inner Power. It can be a sound, word or affirmation that we repeat continuously to manage and uplift the mind. Mantra is a Sanskrit word that literally means 'that which protects or saves the mind'.

Living in balance

As we aspire for happiness and fulfillment in the human experience we need to remember that we are not just physical beings but much more. There are other levels to our being that need attention as we seek to grow and develop. We are mental, emotional and spiritual beings with needs at every level that are important.

Mental and emotional mastery

Today I would like to focus on the need in our lives for mental and emotional mastery. I have been saying that this is a basic discipline that we need in our lives. It is an essential part of our growth and development as human beings. I wish that in our normal education system there would be space for this. It is difficult to imagine that in a developed society learning to manage our mental and emotional being is not given the attention it deserves.

Obstacles on the path

We meet obstacles in life. Sometimes life just seems to be a series of obstacles. We can become frustrated when faced with them or we can consider them opportunities to make us stronger. Which view do you usually choose? The latter view is always the more empowering one. Are you faced with obstacles in your life at this time? Is it at work, home or in your social life? Do you see them as an opportunity for growth or do they frustrate you and make you powerless?

Power of intention

It is important in relationships that we do not consciously or deliberately create negative thoughts and feelings in others without good purpose. I mention this because negative intentions directed towards us are destructive. The more people direct such intentions towards us the worse it is for us. Intentions exist and flow in a field of subtle reality and carry power - more than we may imagine! The more destructive thoughts and feelings are directed towards us the more they wear us down if we are not protected. They interfere with our state of well being.


More and more, I am seeing the great gift that we are to each other when we express our higher qualities in relationships. Oh.. what a gift we are to each other! It seems that the Universe challenges us to bring out the best from within as we interact with our fellow human beings. When we do not, relationships are stressed, lead to conflict and pain and do not bring out the best in each other. We are faced with relationships at every turn as we live in community. It follows then that learning to live in community is to learn how to develop powerful relationships. Can we see this opportunity and challenge that is before us? Have we really looked deeply at our relationships? What do these say to us?

Relationships and the ego

Today I want to focus on the role of the ego in relationships. The ego is the principal driving force in our relationships and so it is extremely important that we understand its role and how to use its energy in the best possible way. When the ego is out of control it can destroy relationships and when it is in control it can create the most powerful relationships.


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Food for thought

"Do not let your happiness depend on others. Tap into your powerful Spiritual Being and enjoy the bliss that is your very nature." - Sri Vasudeva