40 dagen 2011

Secret of True Well-Being
- Tapping into the Transforming Power of Consciousness

Dag 00 - Eve of 40 Days- 40 dagen 2011

BLUE STAR 40 DAYS 2011 - Eve of 40 Days - Friday March 25, 2011


Namaskar Everyone,

Welcome to a new day. It is the eve of our observance. Over the years I have given talks on this day, however I am not interested in giving any lengthy talk today. Most of you have been through many 40 Days. Yesterday I spoke about the excitement of these days and being held in it.

Today just a word to you about the Grace of the Universe in supporting us on the journey. Many times we isolate ourselves from that grace. We shut ourselves from that grace because we are so caught in the idea of wanting to do things ourselves which, of course, is not a bad idea but the Universe is so full of support at every turn. When the Universe gives so much support, why should we isolate ourselves from it?  When wisdom can flow from every voice, why do we avoid relationships of support?  When there is an invisible dimension of sacred beings supporting our world, why don't we open ourselves to it?  When there are so many books and literature about the path to freedom, why don't we use the information from them, rather than keep on reading them, and seeking to read more?

I do believe that we need only a few principles to live by, just a few.  But what is more important is putting them into practice so that we can develop our own experience; not the reading of so much.  During my own journey the only kind of reading that inspired me was the lives of great Masters – those who have made the journey. That is what inspired me. I did not want to hear the core teachings over and over.  I had no interest in that. An application of the teachings was more important to me.  How do I apply the teachings into practice?

The entire world became my learning ground, and that was exciting to me. Every person became a messenger to me, and I could see my Universe supporting me at every turn. Everybody brought me a message and I learned to see that message. I denied nobody the right to be in my space. If you came into my space, I looked for the reason. Until this day I do the same. No matter how free I am in my inner being, I seek to listen to the voices around me, more so because I serve them. I honour them, and they are the Divine to me.

This is ajourney of Grace. I know that because I have worked hard in trying to find this by myself. But it was only with the support of those around me, people of our physical world and those beings from the invisible world that I made the journey. The journey became exciting with their support: my first awakening in the space of a group of people; my connection with the being whom I did not meet till two years after my initial spiritual experience; and my connection with Masters that I did not even see.  ButI felt hugely supported on the journey. And as I serve humanity in the way that I do, I feel hugely supported there as well.

So this evening is going to be an evening where I am going to invoke that Grace, seeking that support of the Masters of the Light, and inspiring those of us who are there to open up the field so we can bring all the energies from within us, around us and in the planes above us to our space, inviting Grace for these days ahead. Really, all I do is to allow myself to be an instrument. That's all I do. That's all I want to do. And that's all that I am.

So I leave you with that as we continue on this Eve of the 40 Days with the excitement  and promise of anenergy–filled evening  and a marvelous 40 Day period ahead.

Dag 01 - 40 dagen 2011

40 Day Meditation Retreat 2011 - Day 1 - Saturday March 26, 2011


The theme for this retreat is Secrets to True Well-Being, and it is all about tapping into that transforming consciousness that we are, tapping into the transforming power of consciousness.

When we think of wellbeing in a traditional sense we think of the physical body being well. I am inviting you to take a deeper look at what true well-being is. For example your body, that we call the gross body, the physical body, the material body, can be well, but are the inner parts of you well; the emotional being, mental being and spiritual being? Are those parts of you well, even though the physical [body] may not have any issues? No! They need not be.

You can have serious mental challenges - fear, worry. Even the idea that you are ill when the body is not ill, can arise in the mind. We say that you become psychologically ill because you think you are ill. Of course, you can be in an emotional space where you don’t even want to live any more in the human experience, even though the physical body is quite well. Sowell-being has to do with more than just the physical body. It has to do with all of our being – all that comprises us. That begs the question, who are we? Who are we really?

Who Are We?

In my experience, we are multi-dimensional beings. We have various levels to our being, the gross or the physical being, is only one level; and a level that drops off after a while. When you begin to have the experience, or when you begin to be more spiritually awakened or more conscious, you begin to realize that you have another identity other then the physical. This is what spiritual awakening is about. It is an awakening in the consciousness to become aware that you are more than just the physical body. As you become more aware, you realize you have an energy identity, that you can experience energies within you that are non-physical. This begs another question, where do these energies come from?

Where do energies come from? How are they replenished and how long will they last?

In our material thinking whenever we need energy we need a source to provide the energy. If we need to provide energy in our homes, we need to have a generating station. If we need energies in our physical bodies, we need to eat food and breathe oxygen. If there is subtle field of energy that we can experience and identify with, where is that energy coming from? Then another question arises, how long is that energy going to last. In the gross world we live in, we have to think, how long is the energy we have now going to last. It is like food, we have to think, when I become hungry again where will I get more food? When we need more energy in our homes, where will we get more energy? In the material world, we constantly have to think where we are going to get more. How are we going to replenish the energy?

If we have a subtle energy existence where we expend energies, where we need energy, how is that replenished and when is it going to end? Have you ever considered the sequestions? That leads to another idea that comes from those that have experienced this space – that there lies a space within us where there is no end to the supply of energy. There is a source of infinite energy within us. This brings us to a new idea of who we are.

Who are we?

At the verycore of our being, we exist in a source of infinite energy. We are also energy beings, non-physical beings, living in a gross physical body. When we consider well being, to be truly well, we need to be well at every level of our being; hence the term, “true well-being.”

What is True Well-Being?

What is true well-being? If we are ignorant of those inner levels, can we be truly well? What does it mean? If we are truly well how does it manifest? What is the experience of true well-being. Let us look at this. If we continuously exist in a source of infinite energy, a source of infinite replenishment, then that is certainly a place where we can always be truly well, if we identify with it. It is the well spring of everything. If we have a non-physical identity, if we identify with a non-physical being, what is wellness in that body?

A Deeper View: Beyond the Non-Physical Body

As you begin to understand this non-physical body, you will realize that in that non-physical body is the thinking faculty. Whether you are aware of it or not, thinking is an experience of the physical body and it is associated with a chemical process. When we think there is a chemistry that happens in the brain and nervous system, but in another space inside, no chemistry is involved, simply energies. As we think, energies are produced, waves of energy. In that non- physical body, the mind operates as an energy, as a tool, a processing tool and emotions are generated in that space.

In the physical body, the emotions are associated with chemical changes as well. There is an experience in the body of thinking and feeling but there is a deeper experience, apart from the body, of thinking and feeling. I want you to stretch the mind because only when you experience this non-physical reality, will you truly understand what I am saying. I am trying to inspire you to look deeper; it comes with a deeper look, a deeper view. In that non-physical body, your thoughts generate images, patterns of energy that are very potent, and powerful. You can think yourself into wellness or you can think yourself into disease, so it is all about mind and what the mind does.The gross body can be totally well physically, but the mind is thinking so much about disease, in the non-physical body, that because of their relationship, soon enough, the physical body will be impacted.

Wellness at Its Depth:

The challenge to stay well in the non-physical body is the more powerful challenge. But the non-physical body is supported very powerfully by a source of constant nourishment, a source of constant replenishment, and a source of intelligence that we cannot even begin to understand. It is important that we use the tools we have in our non-physical being. The most powerful tool being the intellect, the reasoning power that we have, that tool needs to be attuned to the very source of our being. Therein lies the power of true wellness; when our non-physical body with the processing tools we have, mind, intellect memory. When that is attuned to the very source of our being, tapping into the best there is in that source, then we can experience wellness, well-being at its depth. There is a place within us of constant wellness, a well spring, if we tap into it, we can meet every challenge in the human experience, even though the gross part of us may not be well, that part of us can be continuously well and therein lies the ultimate secret to well-being.

Our retreat begins with this, understanding this place, tapping into this space and the forces we can generate from there to create wellness at every level. Think about it!

Dag 02 - 40 dagen 2011

40 Day Meditation Retreat 2011 - Day 2 - Sunday March 27, 2011


Yesterday I spoke about that place within. Whenever I use the word “within”, I mean in the consciousness, not in the physical body, in the being, in the consciousness - that place within us where there is no sickness, no disease, a place of constant well-being. I was asking you to consider this as a possibility. That is why I brought it up. Because it is a possibility that can help us, in all the challenging situations we have with well-being. Total well-being, meaning physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

I have spoken about the human being as a multi-dimensional being, We exist and operate at different levels. If there is a place of constant well-being within us, even when the body is challenged that place continues to be well. If the mind is challenged, that place continues to be well. If your emotional being is challenged, that place continues to be well. Wouldn’t you want to know that place? Wouldn’t there be a desire in you to want to know this place of constant wellness within you, in the human experience? Wouldn’t that give the possibility of freedom from disease? I am asking you to consider it as apossibility. if you do not even consider it as a possibility, then how can you begin to experience it?

Be prepared for life’s challenges

In my many years of the human experience I have seen around me all kinds of suffering. I have seen situations where there is no hope for physical survival. There is the need for strength, there is the need for comfort, there is the need for understanding in these distressing situations. I have seen people helpless in these situations. I have found a place inside that can give us continuous strength, even in these most challenging situations. I have experienced a place inside from where we can draw energies when challenged, from a deeper space. That makes me unafraid of any of the challenges that life will bring to me. I know in this world that Ihave seen, and experienced, we can expect any challenge any time. Wouldn’t you agree that life is unpredictable? So the need to be prepared, the need to understand, and the need to be wise, is important.

I am inviting you to consider that there is a place of well-being within you that is untainted by the entire human experience. I am saying to you that in all aspects of healing, all aspects of comforting, all aspects of well-being, we need to understand this place. That is not going to happen unless we have a desire to understand more. That is not going to happen until we consider it apossibility. And that is not going to be experienced until we shift the consciousness. Do you understand what I mean? Until we shift the consciousness, until we realize, not intellectually only, but in experience.

Experience beyond intellectual understanding

That place inside where there is no disease, is called the Source of our being. Difficult to understand, difficult even to appreciate, and to some it is totally non-existent, they would not even consider it a possibility. Do not wait until you are challenged to begin to ask these questions and look for that place. Do you know why? Because even if you consider it a possibility, and even if intellectually you have an idea of where this place is, when you become challenged, you do not believe in it anymore. You never made it an experience. You will say to yourself, “but I can’t feel it”, rightly so because you never went to the experience.

I remember this story about a rich man who was going across the river on a little ferryboat. This poor little ferryman was taking this rich man across. The rich man is looking at the ignorance of the little ferryman, asking him about his education, if he went to school and what he learned. The poor ferryman could only say, “No, I didn’t go.” He [the rich man] was telling him [the ferryman] how much of his life had been lost. Suddenly the boat sprung a leak, and the ferryman asked the rich man, “Do you know how to swim?” The rich, very educated man said “No.” The ferryman said, “Well, all of your life is going to be lost! ”The ferryman, though he did not have the education that the rich man did, knew how to swim. That was the only knowledge necessary in that situation, not how educated the rich man was.

The need to go to that place of Higher Consciousness

You need to learn how to swim to that place inside, now, while you are healthy, because when challenged with anything, you will know how to find that place, and how to operate from there. So you need to learn how to swim to that centre of being whilst you are healthy. Can you imagine the joy? Whilst you are healthy, you can be healthier; you can make yourself better to meet the many challenges oflife. That is the place of Higher Consciousness.

When I use the word “higher”, it is only relative. It does not mean that some of us are in “low” consciousness or “high” consciousness. When I use the word “high”, it can also mean “deeper”. When I use the word “low”, it can also mean “high” in terms of “superficial …. just on top”. So do not get caught in my “high” and “low”. Try to understand the intent of the word.

We need to go into that place of Higher Consciousness, where we can be more aware of who we are in the human experience. Some call it “Enlightenment”. I think it is then that we really understand our humanity. We become normal. This state of ignorance is an abnormal state in the human consciousness, for our soul that is.

Be inspired by human beings who have touched that place

How do we get to that place inside? We will never consider it a possibility if another human being has not touched it. Then it is not real for us. People are speaking about it, but no-one has touched it. Is it ever possible? But if a human being has touched it, known it, then we may consider it a possibility. There are beings who live there, when challenged with any form of illness they show a constant state of inner joy and positive thinking.

We need to inquire from those who have touched the space of perfect health. To inquire from them, see how they live, how they think, what they know, be in their presence, be inspired by it. Then we will begin to feel that there is a place like this. That is how I learned. In the beginning you will get an intellectual understanding, try to understand well with the mind.Then when you understand well, you go after it. Your soul knows it, so the inspiration will come from your soul.

Desire to know the place of constant wellness within you

My message today is simply to consider this place of constant wellness within you. Begin to inquire, generate a desire, to want to know that place and to want to go there. Look for those who have touched it, even to a certain extent. Be inspired by them. Be motivated by them. Go after it whilst you are healthy. Then you will meet any challenge in the human experience from a place of freedom, a place of wisdom,  a place ofself-empowerment, where anything is possible. I will leave you with that today.

Dag 03 - 40 dagen 2011

40 Day Meditation Retreat 2011 - Day 3 - Monday March 28, 2011

The Play of Creation

This is Day3 of our 40 Day Retreat 2011. The theme is: Secrets to True Well-Being. Yesterday I spoke about True Well-Being – the Possibility, to embrace it as a possibility. Now in order to strive for true well-being, we need to know what it is that we are keeping well. The human experience is not a simple one. We often hear the statement that we are spiritual beings in a human experience, and we hear about the holistic science of Being – that the human being is not just a physical being but so much more. 

Value of a Manual

If we buy acomplex machine we are given a user manual because we need to learn how to use it. We are also given a repair manual so in case we have little problems we can solve them. The manual normally gives a few typical issues we may have and ways of trouble shooting. If we need to clean filters, or to replace some fuels or lubricants the manual will give step by step detail to the lay person as to how to maintain the machine.  If the maintenance becomes a little more complex it would request that we ‘take it back to the dealership.’

In the use of a manual, you are usually shown the make-up of the machine so that you can understand it. You will see a cross-section of the machine and it will detailt he components for you. A lot of work goes into that manual. Experts would write the manual - those who have designed the machine, assembled the machine, and understood the machine. They would create the manual for you because they know exactly how the machine works. A good user would read the manual, understand the manual and follow the instructionsin detail so that the efficiency and the life of the machine could be achieved.

Human Body as a Complex Machine

The humanbody is a very complex machine. Its anatomy is highly complex. It has a visible anatomy and an invisible one which is even more complex. So can you imagine working this whole system that is so complex, more than any machine that we know, without understanding it? Can you imagine that? Of course, scientists try to give us ‘manuals’ that are quite complex: books on human physiology that shows how the body operates, and how to take care of it, but that is only the physical part. There are quite good books on that now, with instructions. 

But what about the invisible part that is even more powerful than the physical part? And more importantly, why was this human machine created in the first place? When machines are created, they are created for a task. How many of us really consider that?

 ‘Assembly’ of Different Bodies for a Task

In seeking to speak to you today, what came to mind was the assembly of bodies that we have in our make-up. See how a machine is assembled. Do you see we are also an assembly of different bodies? All these bodies have been assembled for a task.We create a machine to go to the moon, for example. We create a specialized aircraft to take us there. We create robots when we need to, to do things forus. All the machines were created for a specific task so they are designed in special ways, outfitted in special ways.

I am going to paint a little story for you about the human machine and what is inside of this machine. This is by far the most complex machine that there will ever be.  We aregoing to take ourselves as the example of that assembly to see how ‘we have been assembled’

The Source Needs Instruments in Order to Create

Think of the very core of our Being – inside of us, and how we are made up at the very core.  Our essential Being is consciousness. At the very core there is Pure Consciousness. That Pure Consciousness is the Source of all possibilities but it cannot  do anything by itself.  It needs to create ‘something’ for the ‘doing’. It has all possibilities in it, but to do anything, it has to create instruments. It cannot do it otherwise. 

In itself it contains all desires and yet it is beyond desire.  So it needs to generate a desire when it wants to do something.  It needs to generate a form when it needs to do something. Then it can engage, but apart from that it stands detached from everything. It does not need anything.  It does not want anything, yet it can create everything – any possibility. 

In Desirelessness It creates Desire

At the very essence of our being there is that indescribable Source.  But to get involved it has to create instruments. That is why bodies are created. So that this infinite Consciousness, that does not need to have any desire yet contains everything, decides it wants to do something. It wants to become involved. This is programmed within it, almost as if it is sleeping and it needs to wake up. It wakes up and then it begins to generate all these instruments that allow it to do and to become involved. In doing all of that it still maintains its being, being conscious so that it is able to ‘see’ as it creates.

It is able to do everything in the creation but it needs instruments at every stage. And because it is so intelligent with all possibilities, when it begins to create, it creates in the most perfect way. That consciousness in its creation has to involve a certain aspect of its being, a certain quality –Energy. It has to spew or project energy to do everything it does. So Energy is part of its Being that is going to create instruments out of Itself. It is going to make bodies out of the energy. It is going to do everything with its energy so that it can create instruments to become involved. And because it has no desire, it has to create an entity with a desire,

Creation Begins with the Super Ego

So when it creates that first entity with a desire we call it "Ego". So it has to create an Ego out of its infinite desireless Being.  It has to create an Ego that will have a desire. It creates this Ego as part of itself so that the Ego can become involved in the rest of the creation. It creates a super Ego that now has the desire to create. And now the creation begins. This super Ego begins to create.

Play of Creation Begins

First, it needs mental instruments. It needs to reason. It needs to decide how it is going to create, what it is going to create and how detailed it is going tocreate. So it needs an intellect and a mind, and of course, it creates these. Everything it needs in detail it creates. It creates, firstly, with finer energies – energies that cannot be destroyed. Then it creates the different qualities of energies, and it creates a gross manifestation that is perishable. But not perishable in terms of absolute. It is all energy that can be transformed from one form to another. So it creates this whole complex instrumentation to allow itself to participate in a Play that we call the human experience.

So it is a phenomenal creation. It has to create an Ego, it has to create instruments, it has to create different kinds of energies and it creates a gross physical plane that has energy in transformation. Hence the Play begins. Unfortunately, that is where we have to stop today. But that is the marvel of creation. We need to understand this assembly in the same way as we understand machines. We need to understand the marvelous nature of this Source that is able to involve itself in creation in a perfect way, creating a Play, a Dance. And so the story unfolds.

And what enlightenment is, it is understanding the Dance, the Play and being able to participate masterfully in the Play. 


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Food for thought

"Wanting to change the world is really about wanting to change your inner world." - Sri Vasudeva