40 dagen 2010

Co-creating a New World
- A Multi-dimensional Approach to
 Harmonious Co-existence

Dag 00 - Eve of 40 Days- 40 dagen 2010

BLUE STAR 40 DAYS 2010 - Eve of 40 Days - Thursday March 25, 2010

 Creating an Intention

 Namaskar Everyone,

Welcome to the day before the 40 Days. Actually this evening will be the program that precedes the 40 Days. In 1978 it would have been a significant evening on the eve of the 40 Days.  This evening our program will be dedicated to the great Teacher, Baba Nityananda. In 1978 during chanting that was dedicated to him and this process began. So it is now tradition that I honour him during  this time.

Yesterday I spoke about having an intention for these sacred days and I know you would have thought of that. Having an intention for any project or anything that you do is important. Intention drives the Universe. When you understand this you will know how to use this power in the best possible way. It is, however, important that your intentions must be in alignment with what is Universal Will, then they become most fulfilling for us. They bring great joy to us if we are aligned to the Universal Will.

 During these 40 Days you are engaged in a process of self-transformation and I want you to be engaged also in a process of community transformation. You can be alone and promote community transformation. You can be in a room and promote community transformation. When you understand the power of intention, the power of thought and emotion, you can sit in an isolated space and you can impact your Universe as many great Beings have done.

During these 40 Days I will like that your intention be not only about your self-transformation but to consider what part does your space play in this self-transformation. There are so many agents around that impact you, so many instruments of the Divine and if you can see your purpose connected with the purpose of those around you, then that is an intelligent way of looking at your space.

When your 40 Days are focused only on your development without those around you, then the question is: Are you making the best use of the space around you?  I said to you that during those days in 1978 the space around me was a perfect space and it involved many people who may not have had a personal intention but just to serve the greater purpose. They just wanted to be around me to ensure that I was okay, not understanding what was happening to me. They would have thought that praying in that space and keeping it sacred would have been important to me. That was perhaps their great intention. But out of that they would have gained a lot from the process.   

Therefore, when you create an intention during these 40 Days it needs to be an intention that lifts you, that takes you to another level. And you should look to see how you can use the space around you to support your intention. What is the connection with the space around me? How can it support my intention?  And if you want to develop certain qualities or change certain qualities then you need to think: how can the space around me help to support that?  How can we co-create these same qualities not just in me but in the space around me?   I would like that kind of focus to be kept.

I know you all are making wonderful intentions but first of all: is it aligned to the Divine Will? What is my greater purpose? Are my intentions aligned to my greater purpose? Are my intentions aligned to what I came on this earth plane for?  That is an important question. Are you able to figure out why you came to the earth plane? Of course, we can speak a lot about this because if you look around you and inside you, you can figure out why you came to this earth plane.  It is very clear. The things that challenge you, things that uplift you, the things around you, they all give clues as to why you are here. That requires a kind of decoding or deciphering.

Your intentions should be aligned to that greater purpose for which you came. Whatever it is, you will find a certain kind of satisfaction or fulfillment in expressing these intentions and following through with them. And even though you have an intention and there is a challenge around you, and you feel, “… well, everywhere I go with this intention, I am challenged. Maybe, this is not the right intention; maybe this is not for my greater good.”  But intentions can be challenged in a space and they can still be for your greater good and they can still be aligned with the Universe. Then you know this is so if deep inside of you when you are challenged, you feel a power to overcome: “ No, no, I need to overcome this.  I am not going to stop there. I am not going to let this disturb or unsettle me.  I am going to get over this.” And that great surge of energy comes up inside of you to want to overcome. So when that is strong inside your inner being, then that is aligned to a higher purpose.

Of course, you need to look at where the ego is in this because sometimes the ego pleasure driven or power driven can make you think that is the higher purpose.  However, when you are not so sure about your higher purpose it is good to find someone with whom you can discuss this  higher purpose, one who might be a little more clear than you and maybe not so much ego driven. This selfless guide can help you to see in a different way.  That is why guides are so important. When you meet selfless guides who are full of spiritual wisdom they help you to see if your goals are aligned to the higher purpose.

You can create many intentions but it is important to see if they are aligned to your greater purpose and to see how you can use the space around you, the things around you or the people around you to help you to fulfill those intentions. During the entire 40 Days I am going to speak a lot about this but it’s nice when you can set your intentions clearly for these 40 Days.

Let these intentions be aligned to your higher purpose. Let these intentions be those that will uplift you and let your intentions also involve the space, community or the environment around you.  Think about this.

During the 40 Days of 1978 my intentions were and have always been to get to the highest state of consciousness. That has always been my intention, and I have always loved serving humanity. For me co-creating spaces around – spaces of joy, spaces of light, spaces of beauty, spaces of uplift have always been important to me. And during those days of 1978 I was so focused on reaching to the highest point inside of me, to recognize the grace that surrounded me and to do only what the Universe wanted of me. Those were my goals for the 40 Days of 1978.  I wanted to follow completely, to the letter, all the instructions I was given, and I did. These were 40 Days of tremendous transformation.

I wish the same blessings for you over this period. I do believe that this period is extremely sacred and is supported by so many heavenly beings. I do know that if you create the right intentions that they will be fulfilled for you.  And even if you don’t create the right intentions, the wisdom will come to change them to the right intentions.  That is how blessed the period is. So enjoy these days.  We begin the first day of our 40 Days tomorrow morning.

Dag 01 - 40 dagen 2010

40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010 - Day 1 - Friday March 26, 2010


Welcome everyone to Day 1 of our 40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010.  It is a joy to welcome you to this retreat.  As you may be aware, this is a very special period at the Blue Star and wherever Blue Star Centres are across our world.  These are 40 days of grace, 40 days of discipline, as we seek to become free in the consciousness in this human experience.  So wherever you are joining us today, we welcome you.

Co-Creating a New World: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Harmonious Co-existence
This year, our series is entitled “Co-creating a New World: A Multi-Dimensional Approach”, multi-dimensional approach meaning every level, “to Harmonious Co-existence”: something we are striving for across our world. 

Our World
We begin our series today taking up the question: what do we experience when we look at our world?  We have come into the human experience and I say we have come: this implies that we are not just human beings; we have come into the human experience. This means that we are more than just human beings, that we live in a human form.  We have come into the human experience and we have come into a world, a physical universe and we exist on an earth.  We are on an earthly plane.  And there are many other living beings, a multitude of living beings in our world.  All kinds of creatures: fellow human beings; animals in various forms; plant life in various forms; planetary system; and then, a microscopic world.  We share this world; we share this universe with so many living beings

Perceptions of our World
We are viewing life as a soul through an earthly form and we have a sensory system; a system of senses that allows us to view this world in a particular way, and of course I assume that you know that different forms of life perceive the world differently because of their sensory system.  When you observe the world and you see it in the way that you see it, you may think that animals see it exactly the same way that you do.  But not exactly the same way; a serpent does not view this world in the way that you do, or a bird, or a fish, or a plant – a plant perceives the world too.

We view this world from that sensory system.  But we have become so caught up in the physical that we are not aware of other dimensions to existence.  In this co-existence with ourselves and all living beings, there can be a lot of pressure in the system – conflicts, opposing forces - which can lead to disharmony, and that even takes us further away from knowing ourselves, in some cases because we are so caught up in the madness of physical existence.

We human beings are very fortunate to have a sensory system - a brain and nervous system - that allows us to view the world in a particular way and more so to become self aware.  How do we use this co-existence, this world to fulfil our goals and to fulfil the goals of community existence or social existence?  How do we do that?  How do we create harmony in our world? 

Limited Perceptions
During these days we will discuss that but first, how do you see the world? What is your experience when you view the world?  The general experience is that we see physical beings everywhere.  We see beings who we must compete with, fight with for survival and we see only one dimension of existence.  Many wonderful books have been written about human conflict.  In fact, some of the longest stories that have been written are about human conflict.  So we are challenged in this human experience with relationships and with relating to the world and when we see it only in a physical level, then the conflict could become more intense.  How do you view your world?  What do you see? 

Purpose of Life and its Lessons
Life is a journey in the consciousness.  It is an evolutionary journey in the consciousness and the goal of our lives is to go beyond the earthly consciousness, beyond the human consciousness, to experience other dimensions of our being and in so doing, we begin to see the world differently.  How we see our world, how we relate to our world, tells us many things about ourselves and where we are.  Our vision of our world can reveal many things about where we are and where our level of consciousness is.

So that is the question as we begin these 40 days: what is your view of this world?  How do you perceive it?  How do you relate to it?  Is it a view of ignorance that breeds conflict or more conflict?  That promotes separation?  That encourages disharmony?  Or is it a view that creates peace within and peace without?

Let us consider ourselves.  We are in this existence for our purpose primarily, and that purpose to know ourselves.  But in this co-existence, life has given us the opportunity to work in and through relationships to grow in consciousness.  That is why we have come into this form: to share life in a physical realm, that we may learn and grow in the consciousness. 

Where are you?

Where are you?  That is the question: where are you?  We need to take a sober view of where we are.  If you are like myself, you would be uncompromising in seeking to grow.  You will look for every opportunity and use it fully. You will be impatient; you will want to come out of this bondage of ignorance and conflict and struggle for survival. You will be impatient; you will want to become free. 

How do you view the world?  What occupies your mind every day?  Is it bondage or freedom?  Is it conflict or harmony?  Do you recognise your relationships in the world as opportunities to grow?  Or do you see these relationships as a place to exercise your power and your pursuit for pleasure and comfort?  Do you see that or do you see more?  Take a sober view at yourself.  How have you been using your relationships?  How have you been seeking to grow in the consciousness?  Take a sober view at yourself.  These 40 days, that is what I would like.

Journey in Consciousness
During the 40 days of 1978, it was a journey in my consciousness taking me to deeper and deeper levels of awareness, of self awareness and giving me the opportunity to see life differently as I moved from one level to another; showing me what co-existence means for me and how to live in harmony with it as I began to see it differently.

Putting it into Practice
Many of us we love to hear wonderful talks that we can discuss, but are we really serious about putting what we believe in into practice or is the pull for comfort and power so strong that we sacrifice this knowledge in our weakness or weaknesses of the flesh as we say?

What is the use for all these days if you are not going to take a sober look at your lives, seeing what it means to co-exist in a world, seeing what relationships provide for us and using every one completely to the maximum to grow in the consciousness?  This has always been my attitude and in serving my world, this is my attitude.  In creating harmonious co-existence, this is my attitude.  This is how I relate to you: I seek to maximise every opportunity I have with you, to model for you, how to manifest the higher consciousness and how to co-exist in harmony.  Are you willing to take the journey forward?  Do you want to do it slowly or do you want to do it at the maximum speed that you can? 

If you view your world and you see separation, conflict and you are in victim consciousness, struggling for survival, then there is a need to grow in the consciousness, there is a great need to grow in the consciousness.  Life provides every opportunity for it.  The moment you begin to seek, the universe is gracious; its doors open up to you.

So we begin this first day by asking the question: how do I view the world?  What do I see, what is my experience, how do I perceive it?  Or what am I going to do about it?  We exist in this world at different levels of being, in different dimensions of existence, in planes of different qualities, energetically.  What a great adventure it is in seeking freedom; seeking to experience every level of our being and using the powers of our entire being to create harmony in this co-existence. 

Ask yourself the question: how do I see my world and how can I improve the way I see my world and how can I improve my relationships with my world?  I leave you with that question.  It is a question that begs reflection, self reflection.  It is a question that is important in this co-existence.  It is a question that makes us look at our responsibility in this co-existence for creating a world of harmony.

Dag 02 - 40 dagen 2010

40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010 - Day 2 - Saturday March 27, 2010
Yesterday I spoke to you, asking the question: how do we view the world that is around us?  What do we see when we view the world?  The idea is to see from what level you are viewing the world, to see from where you are looking and to explore other possibilities of seeing, understanding that what you are seeing is one of the possibilities and there are many possibilities as you observe and interact with our world.  I said that we have come into a human experience; we have come into physical reality, co-existing with so many other beings, so many forms of life; so we are in a co-existence.  It is important in a co-existence to create harmony and not conflict.
Different People, Different Worlds
Today I am asking you to consider that the world that is outside of you is one thing, but the world that you carry inside of you is another thing, because of how we interpret our world.  First I want to start with the idea that we carry the world in us.  The world may be outside of us, external to us, but in our consciousness we carry an experience of the world in our memories, in our attitudes, in our beliefs, in our labels.  We carry a very personal world inside of us.  Think about that for a moment.  Each person is different based on individual experience, individual outlook, individual belief.  Each person is carrying his or her own particular view of the world.
The world that you carry inside of you is your personal world.  It is your world and it certainly would be different to the worlds of other people.  We are looking at the same world around us but we all interpret it differently, carry different views about it, different beliefs about it and we carry it where?  Inside of us, in the consciousness.
Even if we were to leave this world in a manner of speaking, we carry it inside of us.  Even if we were to go to another dimension to exist, we carry this world inside of us.  Even if you want to run away from the world and go to a quiet place, you still carry the world within you. 
Avoid Conflict - be open to other points of view
That world that we carry within us influences the way we behave in the outer world.  When we consider how we are viewing the world, we need to also consider that we are viewing it in a very personal way that may be different to how other people view the world.  That is why it is so important to open ourselves to other point of views in this co-existence, because when we hold on to one point of view, it is only our point of view.  If you want harmonious co-existence, then we need to be able to appreciate and be open to other points of view.
It is important to understand the world that we carry and it is also important to see how other people look at the world.  That is why we have a lot of conflict in our world, because we see the world differently and we all fight with each other rather than try to understand each other.  We want to force our point of view on the other.  Amazing is it not?  Unable to appreciate that there may be so many points of view to a particular situation.
Recognizing how our World Influences our Behaviour
It is important to understand the world that we carry within us and to explore that, because even when you are removed from physical situations, you carry the situation inside of you. That is why we worry so much, we become preoccupied with all kinds of thoughts. Based on our experiences, we carry these thoughts of the past.  And based on our mental projections and what we hold to be true for us in the future, we carry future ideas in us as possibilities as well. Both the past and the future influence the way that we behave in any situation: how we think the situation is, beyond our past experience, the ideas we have about it, and we carry these within us. These influence the way that we behave in our world.  We need to be able to observe that and see if that is what we want, see if that is what we are happy with and to see the other possibilities.  That calls for a certain kind of openness. It calls for a certain kind of awareness. 
In trying to understand where we are, we need to be able to see what we carry inside of us and that requires a certain kind of observation. We are so externally focussed, we become so caught up in all the things outside, that we hardly introspect, we hardly self reflect. Because when we do, we would be able to see our personal world. We see other peoples’ world but we do not see ours. We do not see our labels, our attitudes, our beliefs, we see others’, and then we want to control the way that other people behave and the way other people think. That can result in a lot of conflict. 
Need for an Educated View
It is extremely important to be able to observe your own inner world objectively. When it is difficult for you, when you find that maybe you are not seeing other points of view or you are not open, it is nice to begin to look for those who see more points of view: that is how we become educated. When we go to school or we go to any workshop, we are already opening up our mind to other points of view. We need to become educated. We need to be able to look at other points of view in our world.
Absolute Reality – conflict free space
Is there a point of view that will be common to all of us? Is there an absolute view? Is that not something worthy of reflection?  Is there some view that we all can agree upon, all be united with and that is the truth for all of us?  That is what we call absolute reality. It does not change with individuality, it is one.  That is what we need to seek. If we are ever seeking freedom, that is what we need to seek for: a point of view that is the same for all of us, an absolute point of view. That is what we call enlightenment. 
In that space, we are able to resolve all conflicts because that space is open to all points of view. What is marvellous is that there are human beings in the human experience, who live in that space, who are established in the space inside, that is an absolute reality. That is when we become humble, that is when we are in touch with the greater truth inside of us, that is when we are in the experience of a higher reality and that is when we become an instrument, a channel and we do not ever think that our view is the main point of view.
Seeing What Binds You 
How do we get there? What is that space? In our search for freedom, that is where we need to go. What is important for us in our personal introspection is to see what occupies the mind every day. What is it that we are preoccupied with? If you begin to observe your thoughts and see what you are preoccupied with, you will see where your realities are, you will see where your outlooks are, you will see where your beliefs are. What are you preoccupied with? Children? Houses? Jobs? Disease? Death? What are you preoccupied with every day? 
Are you preoccupied with a higher consciousness? Are you preoccupied with harmonious co-existence?  Are you preoccupied with learning more, opening up the space? What are you preoccupied with? What holds your attention every day? That is worth considering, is it not? For me, that is an important question that I consider for myself and that I ask people. What occupies your mind every day, what holds you?  You will see what binds you. You will see where your priorities are. Then, if you can see that clearly, you are able to embrace other possibilities and embrace the journey to freedom.
Self-reflection – where revolution begins
What is the world we carry within us? How can we begin to reflect upon the world within us? It is good for you to think, I see all of you thinking and that is a good thing, because that is where revolution begins, that is where change begins, that is where transformation begins, when you are able to reflect, soberly, objectively, honestly. 

Are you ready for change? Are you ready to be different? Are you ready for harmonious co-existence?  Are you ready for a new world? That is the topic of the 40 Days. That is the contemplation of the 40 Days. 

Dag 03 - 40 dagen 2010

40 Day Meditation Retreat 2010 - Day 3 - Sunday March 28, 2010


I have been speaking to you about the way we view the world and yesterday we spoke about our personal world, the world we carry within us.

Infinite Consciousness

Today, I want to speak about the consciousness that we have,that carries all of this information. The way we view the world happens in our consciousness. Our consciousness is viewing the world. What we carry within us, it is in our consciousness. We have our personal consciousness that we call the ego, which gives usself-identity and individuality. Then we have the infinite consciousness that we are part of.

In speaking about the world we carry within us, which is really based on our experiences, our memories and our attitudes, all of this is happening in the consciousness.  But whatis remarkable about that consciousness is that there are infinite possibilities. Yesterday, in our discussion, people were asking, “How do I movefrom the limited consciousness when I am overwhelmed by things that I do not like, how do I move from that?” That is an extremely important thing or aspect to look at. It is important to understand that the consciousness within us has infinite space: to grow in our personal consciousness and then, if we want to go that far, to merge ultimately into infinite consciousness.  That is very far away so let us deal with expanding the personal consciousness. That is the reason we are here.

Expanding the consciousness gives the possibility of hope in the human experience. Just knowing that all is possible gives hope. We have a consciousness that can hold itself in limitation, or can expand itself infinitely; to dream of whatever we want to, to create whatever we want to in our consciousness and to bring it into manifestation. So powerful is our consciousness. When you get tied to the little box, when there is infinite consciousness around you, how small we can make ourselves when there is so much around us. When there is abundance around us, we are starving.  Weare caught up in the thinking of the little, the limited, and the lack, when there is abundance around us.

Changing the Frame of Reference

I am saying all of this to challenge you to keep on opening up your consciousness. This is what is called, or referred to sometimes as ‘out of the box thinking’.  Even when we think there are no other possibilities, there is always another. Sometimes when I get caught up in not finding a solution for something, I begin to think, “I need to change the frame of reference”.  I need to look outside of the box and then I begin to consider other possibilities. If I cannot see it in my own consciousness, then I want to invite others to share their points of view and it becomes exciting when I am able to open up the consciousness.

When challenged, I love to expand my being, not to contract.  If someone challenges you, saying you cannot do something, what do you do? Do you become sad? Do you become disempowered?  Does your consciousness contract?  Or does your consciousness open up to say I can do it, I can make it possible, I can search for the possibility. The great ones inour world, that is what they did. When overwhelmed by anything, they did not contract, they did not minimise, they expanded, and they grew. They changed their perspective and their frame of reference. They saw other possibilities.

When anger consumes you, do you see what happens there?  Do you see how you fall into a limited emotion, looking for no other possibility? When jealousy consumes you, when pride consumes you and when selfishness consumes you, can you see that you have chosen to be limited in your consciousness? It is when you begin to expand your point of view then you will even begin to see the things inside of you that hold you in limitation.  But you need to begin to look for other possibilities; you need to open up the consciousness.  That is what life is about.  That is what spiritual evolution is about.That is what growing is about. That is what harmonious co-existence is about, opening up the consciousness.

Heightening of the Consciousness

That is what I had to do on the spiritual journey.  Can you imagine a young man of 19 and 20 foregoing a university education when all the possibilities were there for it, to go into spirituality, to search for the unknown?  When everybody around me was telling me, “Whatare you doing? You need to ground yourself in this world, you need to do this, and you need to do that.”  I had to go against the tide of opinion.  I had to see outside of the box.  But I was so convinced that there was more to life.  I was so convinced that this was the little, this was the limited and it would not fulfil me completely, that I had to search, for that which I did not even know but I thought existed.  I believed in other possibilities.  I never gave up and I found. 

Even when I had to leave my job and career to start anorganisation that was non-profit, without a salary, without knowing how it would grow, I had to look outside of the box. I had to change my frame of reference. I had to see the Infinite as my boss. I had to see my talents being used in service.  I had to see that the heightening of the consciousness of our world was more important than my selfish desires for name or fame in my world, or property or pleasure. I had to move to a different point of view, which I have.  Even now, as I grow this organisation or as I challenge people to think differently, I have to push to the edge, I have to challenge people to see outside of the box. That is opening up the mind. 

Believe that it is Possible!

I always say that if you want to move out of the limited thinking, you need to expand the awareness. You need to come back, you need to start from a different place, so that you can view your limited point of view and then open up the space to see the infinite band of possibilities.  Only when you open up the space to think that something else is possible will you make it happen.  If you do not even open up the space to think that something else is possible, we will never see it, nor will we realise it. 

Do you think that self-realisation is a possibility?  Do you see growing in your consciousness as a possibility?  Do you see freedom as a possibility?  Do you see self mastery as a possibility?  Do you see harmonious co-existence as a possibility?  We do not have to think in big terms of harmonious co-existence in the world; we can think in terms of the small, we begin with the small, harmonious co-existence in our family, in our workplace, in our environment and in ourselves.  That is where we start.  Do you see it as a possibility?  Is your consciousness expanded enough to see it?  That is the challenge that you have to put to yourselves.  Can I come out ofthe box?  Can I see the little ways in which I think and feel?  Can I open up the space to see more?  That is what you have to ask yourself. 

We have a consciousness of infinite possibilities.  That gives me a joy, just to say it, to think of it and to feel the power it gives me. All is possible, if not in this lifetime, in another, if not in this dimension, in another.  But all is possible. All is possible hence the need for multi-dimensional thinking and hence the need to bearound those who can see more. When we are around those who can see more, we are inspired and we begin to see other possibilities. When we stay with the limited ones that is how we become. 

Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this change? That is what these 40 Days are about, a change in personal consciousness and ultimately, a change in collective consciousness. Let us contemplate on this.


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Food for thought

"Move into the light. Repeat the words that take you there, embrace the feeling that holds you there. Let go of the darkness, the power is within you." - Sri Vasudeva