40 dagen 2009

Energy Awareness & Mastery
- The Kundalini Journey

Dag 00 - 40 dagen 2009

SRI VASUDEVA’S MESSAGE - Wednesday March 25, 2009

Eve of 40 Days


Welcome to the eve of our 40 Day Retreat 2009. Yesterday I began my talks with you and I am going to continue today. I spoke about the power of co-creation yesterday. What a wonderful field - a strong energy we can create when we come together. This happens when we are really conscious and responsible and have a desire for transformation.

Have the desire and commitment

Today, I want to take up the point of having the desire for transformation. This is always a very important thing. The deeper your desire is for transformation, the more committed you will be to transformation and the more sustained your effort will be in the transformation. When there is a powerful effort, then the results are even greater. You will find in different people there are different levels of desire or different levels of commitment. Those who have the greatest level of commitment, they are the ones who achieve the most. What is your level of commitment? How committed are you to transformation? During these days we need to have that desire and commitment.

Create a vision

A very important discipline in cultivating this desire is to have a vision of where you want to be; not just to think that you want to be transformed, but where do you want to go? What vision do you have in your mind of where you want to go? What is your benchmark? What is your idea of where you want to go? So you need to have a strong vision of where you want to go. For example, I had definite goals for myself. I wanted to ensure that I mastered my mind; my mind must not be able to control me. I wanted to be in a completely loving space. My entire being must be filled with love every day towards my world. And a third desire was to be able to see life in the perfect way everyday; to be able to see the Divine at work every day and not to lose that vision. These were definite goals within me:

-     Mastery of mind

-     Being in a constancy of love

-     Being able to see the play of the Universe.

There was constant vigilance in every interaction. In every thought that I kept, in every feeling that came into my being there was constant vigilance. That is the hallmark of a very serious student. Where do you place yourself? Of course, you have the choice to place yourself wherever you want, and the results will be accordingly.

Analyze and introspect to set goals

In this period of the 40 Day Retreat, you need to set some definite goals for yourself based on the things you have seen within you that you want to change, and to determine where you want to go. What do you want to change within you? You need to see that very clearly because sometimes we accept the state of normalcy. We accept different qualities inside of us that keep us behind in the journey. Can you see where your detractors are? Can you see the things you want to change? Sometimes you can accept the things that hold you back and after a while you do not see them anymore. You accept being angry in certain situations; you accept keeping bitterness within you. You accept keeping old patterns within you because you do not have constant vigilance. You are discriminating all the time saying, “What is this? I do not like that. I do not need this. This is holding me back.” If you do not look at that, and you just accept it because you do not see it any more, then how are you going to change it? And the best person to really analyze yourself is you!

Internal house cleaning

If you ask someone to tell you about “you”, they only tell you about what they see or perceive, or what they may have experienced in their interaction with you. But what about the other things you keep inside? You need to be able to look inside yourself and to do so in a sincere way and in an honest way to observe that. I will say you need to think of house cleaning. When you begin to transform anything, you want to see the things that you need to move away and you also need to look at the things you want to bring in. Both views are important. What are the things you want to remove and clean out of this space and what do you want to bring into this space?

Life is constantly showing you these things. What are the things that pull you into normalcy; stagnation, conflict? What are those things that hold you back? When you see them you need to meet your goal and say, “I want to change these.” Look at every level of your being:

-     Physical level  -  what are the things that hold me back?

-     Mental level   -  what are the thoughts that hold me back?

-     Emotional level -  what are the emotions that hold me back?


If you can identify these, then you can work on them and remove them.

What are the things that I want to put into that space? What are the qualities I want to develop? If you can identify those then you can go after them; they will stay with you. It is extremely important that as you begin to enter these days, that is what you will do.

Finding a secure space within

In 1978 before the 40 Days started, I had reached a space where all I wanted was just peace of mind, and I wanted to work on myself. Of course, I was working in the world but there was a desire within me just to be in a quiet place. I had wished that I could retire from all that work I was doing and just come into a quiet space. I had always realized that I did not need much for myself. It was easy to sustain myself. And every day that went by, this desire grew within me to come into a place of privacy or a more quiet space. Ultimately, the Universe provided it for me in a way that I did not even imagine. It isolated me from everything around. It provided me with that secure space for my transformation.

Be constantly vigilant

One of the things I always had with me was constant vigilance. I was always sincere at looking at myself. I wanted to clean myself as much as I could so I could receive all the grace that the Divine had to give me.

In this journey you need to take an honest look within you, “What are the things that I need to change?” You need to look at all your interactions with the environment and see, “What are the undesirables within me that I do not want anymore?” The more you can clean yourself inside, the more you will be able to receive. Keep a constant vision before you every day of where you want to be, “I want to be in a constant state of love.” Every day that you get up tell yourself, “Every thing that I do today must be inspired by love. I want to be able to master my mind today. My mind should not control me today. I should not be hijacked by my mind. I want to keep just the thoughts that I want today.”

Have a strong desire

This is what gives you the power to keep the mantra or some positive idea in your mind continuously. It is the strong desire when you tell yourself, “I want to master my mind; I want to serve everybody I meet today as though God has sent that person to me, and I want to serve them with love. I want to meet the needs of my world today. I want to see the world as being the vessel of God. I want to see every human being in my world as being Divine, and being an instrument whether they know it or not. And I want to deal with every human being and serve everyone as a way of serving the Divine. I want to treat every human being in the perfect way that will uplift me and will uplift them.”

When you have that vision before you every day, that vision is Divine. It is a vision that will uplift you.  This is the way you need to look at the world every day, and particularly so during this period. Can you do that? If you can, this will be a phenomenal period for you. There is a saying, “When you walk towards God, God runs towards you. Cast your bread upon the waters and it returns a thousand fold.”


Be sincere in your practice

When you begin to practice in a sincere way, you will find so much support around you. However, if you are trying to practice but you have hidden things inside you, you will find that there will be conflict. The Universe is showing you that, when you think there is no support, it is really telling you there are more things inside for you to clean up. That is why you think you are not getting support, but you are actually getting support. The Universe is supporting you in cleansing, and as you begin to see those and to clean them out, grace is going to come abundantly. This is a Universe of grace! Open the way for it and it is going to come to you.  Keep your little door closed and grace will find it difficult to enter.

Discipline brings grace

As we are in the eve of this 40 Day period and you are making steps for transformation, and you are welcoming this period of discipline, let us look at how we can house-clean. Let us make it easy for the Divine to come in and work through us. Let us be a better instrument. The more we do that, the more grace will come and the more power we will have on the journey. The journey then becomes wonderfully enjoyable. The moment grace enters, it is a marvelous journey.

My journey of spirituality has been a marvelous one amidst all the challenges. But on the inside I was wonderfully supported throughout the journey, and I knew it was because of my effort and my desire; my effort to clean myself, my desire for change, and my desire for where I wanted to be, for the ideal.


This is a period of grace, a period that I believe is divinely held in a space of many dimensions. We are supported by other beings who are channeling energy to our world. These 40 Days are days of grace, abundant grace.

Dag 01 - 40 dagen 2009

40 Days Meditation Retreat - Day 1 – Thursday March 26, 2009 


Welcome to the beginning of our 40-day Meditation Retreat 2009. Today is Day 1. This 40 days is taken in the same time period as the 40 days of 1978, when I underwent a series of deep transformations. I remember on this particular morning how excited I was to see what was going to happen, as the night before I had had some very, very deep experiences during chanting. So it was now a great excitement to see what would happen on this particular morning. Of course the entire transformation that took place was based on energy and heightening of consciousness.  

The theme of our retreat this year is Energy Awareness & Mastery-The Kundalini Journey. The Kundalini is a great and mysterious power but it is a sacred power. When we are blessed to have this energy awakened within us we experience the most exciting, adventurous and marvelous journey we could ever experience. I welcome you to these 40 days with that kind of excitement, the excitement of sharing with you this energy journey. This marvelous journey of energy transformations based on the sacred energy of Kundalini. 

I started our 40-day period by talking to you a few days before, about the preparation that is necessary and I hope that you will continue to remember that. It requires a commitment to these days, a commitment to self-transformation, a commitment to practice and consistency during this period. If you are able to do that, I’m sure the benefits will be great, as they were for me in 1978.

Perspective of the Journey

Today I want to create for you the perspective of our journey. To begin to understand energy transformation, energy movement it is good to have a whole perspective of the journey. Where is energy coming from? What happens when energy moves within us? What are the different experiences we have? What are the relationships we create? How is the consciousness expanding? What is the ultimate experience? Where are we headed?  

This energy can lead us to freedom. When I say freedom I mean freedom from ignorance, freedom from the lack of awareness of who we are. This energy can lead us to a super sensual space or experience, an ecstatic inner experience that is called Samadhi in the sacred literature, the ecstatic state of heightened awareness, and stable awareness. This energy can take us into such an engagement with the world that we can create harmony in our relationship with the world. This energy can take us into a journey of creating total wellbeing, balance. So this is a marvelous journey, this has been the journey of my life 

During the period 1975-1978 has been the journey of my life. This is a very special period and I am sharing with you knowledge and experiences that are with me every moment of my every day. 

Shifting to Multi-dimensional Awareness

This brings me to the idea of Multi-dimensional awareness and the idea that we are not just physical beings but we are also energy beings. We have an energy identity. Just as we have a physical identity, we have an energy identity. And this shift is a necessary shift on the spiritual journey. You can’t make the spiritual journey unless you make that shift into energy awareness. 

As you go deeper into this journey you are led to the very source from where this energy emerges. This energy emerges from a field that is referred to as the Consciousness Field. Consciousness is an inherent quality in this Universe, it is said to be the fundamental quality of the Universe. This is a conscious Universe.  

Understanding this multi-dimensionality of life and of Self is an extremely important thing. During these 40 days I want to take you through the knowledge and the practice, that will help you to make the shifts so that this becomes an experience for you. If you are dedicated to this 40 days of discipline you can begin to experience more and more your true Self and greater degrees of freedom. Perhaps if you seek, and grace allows, you will have the full experience of Being, of freedom. 

Nurse the Desire to Experience the Ultimate

I spoke about the desire before, to want to know and experience and to bring it into expression. This desire is extremely important on the journey. It is the desire that pushes us ahead. If this desire is not strong within you to experience the Ultimate, or to become more enlightened, then try to nurse this desire. Try to grow this desire by keeping the vision before you, keeping the thoughts with you and associating with those who have this desire, and this desire will grow stronger within you. This desire is important. This is the desire that I had and this is the desire that led me to this ultimate transformation.  

I want you to contemplate this multi-dimensionality of life and of Self and seek every day to have a deeper experience of it. What does my energy body feel like? How different is it from my physical being? What does it feel like to tap into the source of my Being and to be aware of it is infinite power and existence in every moment? What is it like? Begin to seriously contemplate this. What would it be like to feel the energy of things around me and to interact in that awareness? These thoughts need to be inside of you. They need to drive you. I see how stagnated we become. I see how we struggle in the ignorance. It is extremely important to hold the perspective, to hold the idea and to keep in the company that will help you, by supporting you.  

We Exist In The Source In Every Moment

At the very core of your Being is an Infinite Source that supports the whole universe. We may call that Source God, Infinite Being, and acknowledging the Source is extremely important. We exist in the source in every moment. Although we may feel disconnected, we exist in a source of power in every moment and the possibility is that we can connect with this Source. That is what I am doing right now as I speak to you. The more you are connected to the source, the more you draw from the source, the more powerful you feel, and the more powerful you are, in interactions.  

We need to stay in awareness of the source, we need to stay in awareness of the energy that comes from this source, we need to stay in the awareness of multi-dimensionality, the Source, it is energy and our physical being. We need to stay in awareness of all. 

Process of Becoming Aware of Subtle Energy

The physical being we know, we see it, we smell it, we taste it, we touch it, we hear it. Physical senses allow us to ground ourselves in the physical world. But the energy awareness is a little more subtle and we have to listen, observe, give attention to it, until we begin to feel the existence of this subtle energy field. It is the field of thoughts, it is the field of emotions, it is the field of vitality beyond physical strength. We need to become aware of that energy field. So it requires listening, listening to the thoughts, it requires observing how we feel when emotions flow through our Being, it requires observing how we feel as vitality moves within us from the things we eat, from the air that we breathe, from the exchanges with people. We need to be aware of that subtle energy field.  

Then as we act in the world, as we interact in the world, we need to be aware of the physical, of the energy that flows inside of the physical, and of the Source from where it comes. That is the idea of multi-dimensionality.  

The Kundalini model allows us to see all the different qualities of energy that exist within us and within our world. That is why this is such a perfect model in understanding the Universe and our interaction with the Universe.  

The States of Being -The States of Freedom

The Kundalini model describes seven different planes of consciousness and the energies associated with this consciousness. Exactly what is within us is exactly what is in our outer Universe. So this is a model of the whole Universe. In trying to understand the Universe, all we need to do is to begin to understand ourselves. That is extremely important to understand. To understand the Universe, begin by understanding what is happening in your world, as within, so without, as there are different levels within you of energy, so too in the entire Universe. This knowledge, this wisdom brings a lot of excitement: that the physical plane is not the only one. There are different planes of existence, different energy levels and different entities throughout these dimensions. That makes it extremely exciting.  

Summary of Multi-dimensionality

Today we will stay with the idea of multi-dimensionality; the idea that we exist in a source from where everything emerges. We have an energy identity besides the physical, and so all our actions and relationships in this world are multi-dimensional. Contemplate these thoughts today. They begin an exciting journey of awareness and mastery. It is the journey of Kundalini. This energy within the human being is called Kundalini, which means the coiled power. The power that is stored, the power that will be released. Within the whole Universe it is called Maha Kundalini, as within so without.  

Dag 02 - 40 dagen 2009

40 Days Meditation Retreat - Day 2 - Friday March 27, 2009


Namaskar Everyone,

Yesterday I spoke about the perspective to this journey which is multi-dimensionality - that we exist in multi-dimensions. I spoke about our existence in a Source. I spoke about energy identity and about the material world.These are three levels that we need to look at. I also spoke about the different qualities of energy that exist in the energy domain. That is an exciting subject because it tells that we can experience and manifest different qualities of energy in a space.

Understanding the Source

Today, however, I want to give attention to the Source from which everything emerges and into which everything merges. We exist in a Source and it is very important to give attention to it. The more we understand what the Source is, the more we can keep our attention on the Source; the more we can be supported by the Source; the more we can tap into the Source, and the more we can channel the Source in our daily lives.

It is, therefore, extremely important to have a good awareness of the Source. And there is no better way to understand it but by learning about it from those who are aware of the Source, those who exist in the Source, those who are connected to the Source. There is no better way by which to learn it.

I do believe that when you understand something correctly, it gives power as knowledge is power. If you are ignorant you are likely not to be at your best power or to utilize the potential you have in the best way if you don’t understand it. So it is always better if you have a good understanding of any subject that you are dealing with, any goal that you want to achieve, or any state that you want to become or experience. So understanding is important that is why we read, study, analyze and have discussions so we can better understand the subject.

Empowering view of the Source

I believe that the Source is filled with a lot of mystery, misinterpretation, misunderstanding, so it is important to have a clear picture of the Source. And this is my intent – helping you to view the Source in a way that has empowered me, and continues to empower me

We exist in a Source so we are not just separate beings. We are not physical beings having a random existence. We exist in a Source and we are continually supported by it. We therefore need to understand what this Source is.It supports our energy existence and our physical existence. It is invisible to our human senses, but we can begin to feel the existence in support of this Source through our energy senses, through our energy body. And those who are unable to feel that Source, speak about the Source in a very elementary way based on their gross senses.So it is more important to listen to those who have a better idea of the Source.

Who really is God?

When I say that the Source is often a misunderstood entity, word, idea or reality, I am speaking about the “God” that we talk about. We have been given all kinds of ideas about God. God being a man, God being a woman, God being someone who lives in a remote part of the Universe; God being a wise man. So many ideas - which one are we to believe:that we have been created by some mysterious being that we call God, and we have no way in which to access the God except to believe that this being exists somewhere.We believe that when we say a prayer it will somehow reach this God, and if this God is pleased He will answer our prayer, if not God will punish us. These are some of the ideas that we have been given.

We are told also that this God has a big book, continuously writing all the things that we are doing – the good and the bad. So at the end this God will judge us and punish us, or reward us if necessary.We are told that this God needs complete obedience; or there is another power in the Universe that challenges God; there is a demon in our world that is challenging God.So it seems that God is not so powerful after all. We have been told all these things.

All these are the ideas that we have been fed. This God seems to be something external to us. And when you are fed ideas from childhood, they stay in your mind and sometimes affect you even though you want to believe otherwise.They are so deeply entrenched inside you that they affect you, even though you hear otherwise. Therefore, if these ideas are not cleared up, then we live in weakness, in fear, separation and we live in ignorance. It is extremely important to have these ideas cleared up.

Clarifying the concept of the Source

Who is God? Where is God? When we think about the Source, we think about God. And there is so much misunderstanding about the Source. Those who are wise, those who have experienced the Source, they say that that Source cannot be seen with our human eyes. And that Source exists in the heart of all of existence, not in just some remote area in space but in the heart of all of existence – in me, in you, in everything. And not only that, it says that this Source continuously supports us. That our existence in the physical world or the energy world cannot be if the Source is not continuously supporting it.

It is like a light bulb, continuously lighting because it is supported by the energy from the power station. If that energy was cut for any reason, the light will go.So the fact that our physical world continues to exist and to be active with so much energy means that it is supported by an invisible field inside of it.It is in the same way that we cannot see the electricity but its manifestation becomes visible when the light is there, or the heat is there in a heating element.So, too, in the heart of the whole Universe this infinite Source exists. This, therefore, creates a new picture of the Source.

The Goal is to merge in the Source

It means that everything that is in our existence, everything that has emerged into existence is coming from that- the good, the bad, the ugly and otherwise. It is all coming from “That”. This is also saying to us that if we want to touch that Source, we need to go into that place from where everything is emerging. We need to go into that space! It makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

The more we go out into the physical Universe we are not going to see it. But the more we go into what is behind the physical world, the more we go into the existence of subtle energy and at the heart of that, there we are going to find it. And what is the experienceof finding it? Is it something we can perceive outside of us? What is the experience of that? This is also extremely fascinating, and it is the goal of the journey. In the same way everything has emerged from the Source, it is going to go back into the Source. That leaves for exciting knowledge and experiences.

What adventure lies ahead!

What is our experience in this Source? Why do we exist in the Source? What is the goal of our existence in the Source?And how do we discover our relationship with the Source? These are important questions. But I thought that today I need to speak to you about the Source and all the different ideas that come to us, and the need to have the clearest ideas that we can.

The Source has been rightly described as “That”.It cannot be compared to anything else, because everything else has emerged from the Source. So there are no words to describe it. There are no unique qualities that we can ascribe to it that will completely identify it. All we know is that it is that place from where everything has emerged and to where everything goes back. It is the repository of all the things that we see in the Universe.

Where all things are possible

The Source is an exciting place. It is a place where we can go and get everything that we desire.All the things that can fulfill us completely exist in there. If only you know the secret to go there. If only you know the secret to stay in there. Those who are wise can help us to get there, and that is the excitement of life - going back into the awarenessof “That” from where we have come. That is the place of infinite peace, infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite power.The Source that created us is not a man or woman, or any being that is limited, it is unlimited.

I will spend some time in the next few days speaking about this. It generates a lot of excitement in me to speak about the Source. All energy comes from the Source, so before we can even begin to speak about energy we need to have a good understanding of the Source.It is exciting - the possibilities. It is exciting - the knowledge. This is where I end my talk for today, with excitement of really seeing the Source in a way that can empower us and inspire us in this adventure that we call life.

Dag 03 - 40 dagen 2009

40 Days Meditation Retreat - Day 3 –Saturday 28 March, 2009 


Empowering View of the Source

Yesterday I dealt with the subject of the Source, a very exciting subject, today I continue. Yesterday I said that we have been given so many ideas about this Source, of course we call this Source “God”.  We have been given that word, that idea, and we have so many ideas. I spoke about an empowering view of the Source. A view that makes the Source something we can touch, we can know, we can realize. I spoke about the whole visible Universe that you see, being supported by a Source, it is not just a random entity, it is continuously supported by a Source.  

Scientists are becoming more aware of this; they realize there is some residual energy in the Universe that is continuously supporting the Universe. They believe that this energy is everywhere in the Universe and so they call it the Zero Point Field. They are hoping that they can tap into this Supreme energy source in the Universe. You know the story about looking for energy in our Universe. We have been searching for all kinds of sources of energy. This one of course will have no pollution and it will not run out because our Universe has not run out of energy. So it is an exciting subject not just to spiritual seekers but of course to those of secular wisdom whom we call scientists. 

The idea I brought to you yesterday was the idea, that we exist in an invisible field of energy that supports us continuously. We can go beyond the ideas we have had of a God existing somewhere that is a man or a woman.  We can go beyond the ideas that there is some demon in the Universe that the Creator is having a hard time fighting, to be able to see that everything that is manifested in the Universe is coming from the same Source. This gives us a different view of that which we call “God”. 

Being-ness Or Consciousness

Today I would like to focus on the nature of this field that supports the whole visible Universe. What is the nature of this field? How can we identify with it?  

There is a particular quality that abounds in the Universe: Being-ness or Consciousness; the quality of Being, the quality of being Conscious. Our Universe is a Universe that moves in that place of Being, of Consciousness. We have a responsive Universe. We have a Universe that acts and reacts in a Field of Being. This word “Being” is a powerful word because it can take us on a journey, a journey through empowering ideas and a journey through personal experience. The very powerful idea, which I really hope you will listen to, is that we are a part of that Being, as everything else is in the Universe. We exist in that Being. What is marvelous and what tells us of this quality of Being-ness is that we are conscious Beings. We have this quality that is called Consciousness. This is an extremely important word on the spiritual journey. We are beings of Consciousness. There is a certain quality of Being in us that allows us to be aware of the Universe, to feel a sense of Being. This brings the idea that all of this, that we call the Universe, is held in the Being of some Great, Supreme, Power! It brings the idea of a Universal Consciousness, a Universal Being. In the whole Universe is a Universal Being, which is supporting the Universe, and which continues to support the Universe. 

Qualities of a Conscious Being

Beneath this visible field is a field of Being, a field of Consciousness. If we look into our universe we will see in plant life, in animal life in all that exists, the quality to act and to respond is there. That which is within us is able to perceive the Universe, is able to contemplate that perception, is able to process the whole thing, and is able to respond. It is doing all of that because it is conscious. So this word Consciousness is an important word, this idea of Consciousness is an important idea.  

Visible & Invisible Identity of the Universe

We exist in a field of Consciousness. This Consciousness has a visible layer; that is what we are experiencing now with our gross senses; and it has an invisible layer. So things happen in an invisible field and things happen in a visible field.  There are identities in the different fields that is why we say it is a multi-dimensional Universe.  The Being of the Universe is acting in a visible field you can see, and is also acting in an invisible field, which you can perceive if you are more aware. There are energies in this field you cannot see with your gross senses but which you can feel. The Universe is also acting and responding in an invisible field that we call a Subtle Energy Field. So there is a visible identity, that which we can see with the gross senses and there is an invisible identity to the Universe where actions are happening and reactions are happening at an invisible level and all of this continues to happen in a Source. 

All of this is knowledge coming to you to open your mind to see differently. But how can we make this knowledge personal? The same way there is a Universal Being that supports the whole Universe there is an Individual Being that supports this body. 

Making The Journey Personal

My individual being is a model also of how the whole Universe is and that is interesting. That makes the journey personal. I will say this again my individual being is a model of how the whole Universe is. There is a visible identity that I have, there is an invisible identity that I have, then there is the Source within me that is supporting these identities. So if I really want to understand the Universe, its structure, its being, its nature; all I need to do is to begin to understand myself. In the ancient wisdom of India this individual being is called Atman or Jivatman and the Cosmic Being or Universal Consciousness is called Paramatman. It shows the relationship, in both words there is Atman. If we translate that word another way it is Self, individual Self, Cosmic Self. Self - the word self is a personal word. This takes the whole idea of God from the outside of us to the idea of Self, an idea within Self.  God is no longer described as an outside entity but God is described as something inside. By beginning to know your individual Self, to experience your Atman you can begin to understand what is Paramatman, what is the Universal Being.  

The journey is a journey through our being, through visible, invisible layers to the very core. That is the journey of spirituality and as we are seeing now that is also the journey of Science. Modern physics is tracking these spiritual ideas and they are doing marvelous things in unraveling the secret of the Universe. They are coming close to the consciousness field because they believe there is an Observer in the Universe, that everything is happening in the field of an Observer.  The one who is perceiving the phenomenon of life, that one is important.  

The search for wisdom, for God, the Source is an inner journey in the consciousness field. The Self in the ancient wisdom of India is described as Satchidanand. Sat meaning eternal existence, chit meaning the repository of all information, the consciousness field from which everything emerges, from which everything is being processed and anand is the blissful experience of being completely aware of this. It is a blissful experience associated with the consciousness of the Source. The Atman is wonderfully described as eternal, blissful, being.  

Eternal, blissful, being, that is who you are, that is what you need to know. That is what is at the heart of the Universe. It is that same consciousness that is manifesting in every plant, in every animal, in everything that is in the Universe. This is a conscious Universe acting from a state of Being and in that Being is infinite power. 

In learning to know the Source, we need to learn about the Self. Just to say to you as you go deeper and deeper within the Self, as you go deeper and deeper within your own Being, you are going deeper and deeper into your connection with the Universe. We call that Paramatman inside, Higher Self. As you go deeper and deeper into the experience of individual being you feel more and more in touch with a Cosmic Self. In that experience of being in touch with that Cosmic Self we call it Cosmic Consciousness.  

I can retreat into my inner being and be more connected to the Universe than what my eye sees; my eyes see differences, my core being sees none. The excitement about this is, as I go deeper within myself I am more connected to the universe than when I look and perceive with my gross senses. That has tremendous potential for everything in the Universe, self-empowerment, relationships, peace, love and harmony. This is the knowledge we need in the world.  

Of course I wish I can speak to you more because the subject is vast, that is why I am going to take a few days to deal with this. The Source has marvelous qualities and we need to think about the relationship of the individual in the Source. I leave the rest for another day. What do you say? It is exciting isn’t it? 


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Food for thought

"Are you open to the possibility that the entire Universe is within you in the same way that a tree is in a tiny seed?" - Sri Vasudeva